Hello World!

I'm Israel Medina! Houston born, but I am a Full Stack Developer located near the "Heart Of Texas". I love design, as much as my love for superheroes, and hold myself to a high standard when it comes to aesthetics. I went to Stony Point High School where I enveloped myself in music and leadership through the band. I became "Drum Major" my senior year to help lead the students throughout their marching season. Once graduating I decided to study Computer Science at Austin Community College and continue my love for music through the ACC Jazz Ensemble. I then studied Web Development through the University of Texas at Austin and walked away with a ton of information that has helped me create what you see before you. I was well able to complete my studies and offered to be a Teacher Assistant for my instructor to help teach the next set of fresh faces the world of "full stack full flex".

That is where I am at today. Being a TA for the same course I took has taught me even more than it did when I was a student. One of the biggest takeaways so far is how different EVERYBODY learns. Some of the students learn better visually, some learn better reading, in which case I will write "guides" or further instruction for them to look into subjects they might not grasp (such as JavaScript or REACT). Some students don't learn from either, and I spend some one on one time with the student in office hours to ensure the success of that student. I gauge my success on how well I can set up the students for success when they walk out of the classroom with their certificate. It has also taught me that if you can teach it, you can do it. With so many students in a cohort, I will often let them teach or guide other students who are having similar issues. This helps the student to further their grasp upon the concept that the class is currently learning. The cultivation of me learning computer science at ACC, my personal web development experience at UT Austin, and then becoming a TA has laid a solid foundation that I build my other abilities. My skills are reflected in my craftsmanship that is showcased on the portfolio page. The field of web development and software brings joy to me, whether it's designing the wireframe for a site using HTML with CSS, or using JavaScript to integrate users info from a database in the back end, I will take any task at 100%. I am always open to new ideas and meeting new people. I look forward to my future as a developer. I hope you enjoy your time on this site!

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